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Performance Management

Helping your people perform ‘out of their skins’: (Helping them do what the business needs and know they’re adding value)

‘Performance Appraisal’, Annual Review’ or ‘Performance Management Process’ – they all mean the same and often get the same response from both managers and employees – a chilly one!

But why should this be the response? The undeniable logic of a review process that takes time to ensure that each employee:

  • Looks back on their past year’s performance
  • Identifies what went well and acknowledges it
  • Identifies what didn’t go well and addresses it
  • Knows what the business expects of him / her for the coming year
  • Understands their role in creating a successful year for their team
  • Can discuss their development – both personal and career
  • Recognises their personal importance to the success of the team

……………..well, it is undeniably logical!

So, what makes it the unpleasant chore that so many people feel it is? At Bridgespan we believe its management ……….or rather, lack of appropriately trained management, often coupled with a process that seems more important than the content of the one-on-one meetings. Sometimes a rigid process can smother the humanity of the discussion. We also know that it’s not always the easiest conversation of the year, so, it requires thought and preparation. However, we believe that almost every employee comes to work wanting to perform well. So, if your management team can help them perform well, isn’t that good for everyone?

At Bridgespan we’ll work with you to:

  • Design a process and format that suits your company, its culture and style.
  • Ensure your leaders and managers thoroughly understand the process.
  • Train your managers to conduct effective performance reviews
  • Give your managers confidence to handle tricky performance issues
  • Communicate the new (or amended) process to everyone who’ll be impacted by it.

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