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Organisation Restructure

Building tomorrow’s organisation

Restructuring your business is tough! It’s complex, time consuming and requires a lot of Leadership Team energy…….on top of all the work they’re doing right now! And it runs the risk of demotivating every employee in the business.

When facing restructure, here are some typical questions you’ll ask:

  • What is the best structure…….for today and for the future?
  • How many people will we shed?
  • What’ll it cost and how will we pay for it?
  • What jobs will be changed?
  • Who can do the new jobs?
  • What are the legal challenges?
  • How to minimise the negative impact on those leaving?
  • How to maintain the commitment of staff remaining after restructuring?
  • How to keep our ‘eye on the ball’ in the market and our competitors while we restructure?
  • How will our Trades Unions react?

Bridgespan will work with you – every step of the way – to:

  • Answer each question – and lots of others – with you and your team.
  • Work through restructure options for your business.
  • Coach your team to communicate the change and reasons for it.
  • Support those who’ll deliver ‘tough’ messages to people losing their jobs
  • Help manage Trade Union aspects of the restructure.
  • Deliver the required results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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