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Organisation Change

Changing the way your organisation works. How can you do it better?
In five years’ time, how many organisations will operate the way they do today? We guess not too many! And probably yours will operate differently too.
Maybe change will be due to technology advances. Your customers may operate differently and require a new way to deal with your company.

Maybe you’ll outsource an internal service because it’s not a core specialism of your company.

Or perhaps, you’ll need parts of the organisation to interact differently to the way they have in the past – they may need to co-operate more or learn to work with a shared service.

Of course, economic circumstances – both positive and negative – will play their part in demanding change to the way organisations work.  Job content may change. You may need the business to become more operationally focused; concentrate on employee performance; compliance; or Health and Safety. You may need people to give up things that they’ve done for years while concentrating on new or different tasks, learn new skills or evolve their existing skills to accommodate the digitisation demands that now impact almost every business

Whatever change you need, the whole organisation must embrace it. You need people to understand the value of the changes. They must work with you to make it successful.

It’ll not be plain sailing but Bridgespan will work with you every step of the way to implement the change.

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