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Bridgespan - Business success through people

Bridgespan specialises in the people aspect of organisation restructure and change. We offer experienced, practical and pragmatic support to business leadership teams by working hand-in-hand with you to deliver the results you need for the future. Working with Bridgespan means working with expert practitioners – not just consultants – people who’ve successfully ‘done it’ many times.  For Mediation assignments and Workplace Investigations, we swiftly engage actively with all parties impartially and independently. We bring the process to conclusion professionally and efficiently.

Where we specialise


Changing the way your organisation works. How can you do it better?

In five years’ time, how many organisations will operate the way they do today? We guess not too many! And probably yours will operate differently too . . .


Having people with the skills and experience necessary to grow your business is great!

However, the world’s best businesses invest in binding their great resources into effective teams . . .

Career Transition

Helping top people leave your organisation: (It can be tough leaving and finding a new career)

Asking members of your senior management team to leave is tough. You know them well and have soldiered with them – often for many years – through difficult times . . .


We know that building the right management team is a crucial to the success of your organisation. However, interviewing candidates is time consuming and impacts heavily on the workload of the . . .

& Mediation

Disputes between employees, or between employees and their employer, are common.

And even the best companies experience disputes from time-to-time . . .


Executive coaching aims to support learning and development to improve performance and enhance effective action, goal achievement and personal satisfaction . . .

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